My 3-Day Paleo Guide will remove all of the guess work, clear up all of your confusion, and show you exactly what to do in order to feel, look, and perform your very best in the next 14 days!

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“Terry makes things fun, but is still able to get amazing results. Call him if you want to change your life for the better!”.”
Rebecca Hillyard, Fashion Blogger
“Terry is the man! He is my #1 most trusted resource for all things related to nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle.”
Doug McDermott, Chicago Bulls
“Terry is brilliant at communicating the proven methods he has developed in ways that anyone can understand.  Just as importantly, Terry’s programs are practical and work for people who have very busy lives”
Paul Hotchkin M.S, Bilogy Professor
“Terry not only helped me lose weight, but he helped me recognize my transgressions when it came to my daily diet..”
Kirbie Johnson, TV Host - POP Sugar

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Fourteen detailed video lessons to help you learn how to transition to a real food or Paleo type diet, avoid the most common mistakes people make, and get educated on the facts instead of falling for the misconceptions and lies that are being taught in the mainstream media!

Some of my absolute favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Along with some healthy snack and treat options that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. Plus your best choices and substitutes for when you are really craving bad food that you know that you should not eat.

Easy to follow recipes to go along with your meal plan, with a detailed grocery shopping list to get the food needed to make your new simple recipes. Your ultimate Paleo product guide that lists out over 100 of my top Paleo acceptable foods and products with the exact brand and company website.

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